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Trends to Watch in Los Angeles: Hexagon Tiles

Traditionally used in bathroom & kitchen floors, the hexagon shaped tile is no stranger to the design world and its use and applications date back to early ancient history. Now we can expect to see hexagons used in many new ways and incorporated in more modern designs specially in Los Angeles.The geometrically appealing design covers floors or walls […]

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Bathroom Ideas & Inspirations – Porcelanosa Los Angeles

Get Inspired – Design ideas from Porcelanosa If you have been inspired to re-do your bathroon and are in the hunt for a wide variety of Porcelanosa tile and re-surfacing materials for your bathroom project in Los Angeles, Cosmos Flooring can help you achieve your idea considering your desire and budget.. Cosmos Flooring Showroom on […]

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Porcelanosa Tiles for your Los Angeles Home

Porcelain tile is nothing new; As a hard, watertight surface with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent porcelain tiles have been used to cover floors and walls for thousands of years. In some ways, not much has changed about these tiles but aided by new technology, tile today is more eco-friendly and more widely available in […]

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How to Install Tiles in your Shower

Ceramic tiles are a wonderful choice of material to use for your shower and bathroom. Give your shower a makeover with brand new ceramic tiles by following these steps: After removing old tiles and the drywall, screw in your new water resistant panel’s back board into the wall studs. Now you are ready to screw on a batten, […]

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