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Why Laminate Flooring May Be Right For You

Are you looking to resurface your floors? Have you considered installing laminate floors in yourhome? Hardwood, Porcelain or natural tile may be the first types of flooring that comes to your mind, but you should not discount laminate flooring. Laminate’s value, performance and ease of installation, offer some very convincing selling points. Here are few reasons that laminate […]

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Cosmos Flooring was recently featured on Bravo’s popular Reality Show “Flipping Out”

Cosmos Flooring was recently featured on Bravo’s popular Design Reality Show “Flipping Out” centered on designer Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California. Cosmos Flooring on “Flipping Out” Season 6 – Episode Cleaning House from Cosmos Flooring on Vimeo.

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Beverly Hills Flooring

Of all the choices that you have when decorating or remodeling your Beverly Hills home, none should be more carefully considered than your Beverly Hills flooring. Quality flooring in Beverly Hills should last for many years, and should reflect the overall theme of your home. These tips can help you choose flooring that will match the overall decor of yourBeverly Hills home, […]

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