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Recycled Eco Glass Tiles for your your next renovation in Los Angeles

Consumers often feel that they need to sacrifice something in order to go green in Los Angeles. Organic food costs more than conventional ones. Using less fuel means spending less time on the road. Not all green choices are synonymous with sacrifice however. Some of the most beautiful and functional tiles on the market are […]

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Los Angeles Hardwood Floors & Humidity

Depending on where you live, summertime might bring more than backyard BBQs, fresh vegetables and pool-time. Summer can also bring high humidity. If you have hardwood floors, there are a few things you need to know about hardwood and humidity levels to keep your floor in great shape. Here’s the Hardwood Golden Rule: With solid or engineered hardwoods, you should […]

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Beverly Hills Flooring

Of all the choices that you have when decorating or remodeling your Beverly Hills home, none should be more carefully considered than your Beverly Hills flooring. Quality flooring in Beverly Hills should last for many years, and should reflect the overall theme of your home. These tips can help you choose flooring that will match the overall decor of yourBeverly Hills home, […]

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