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VIVA Made Tiles in Los Angeles

Cosmos Flooring proudly presents VIVA Made collection of salvaged varnished wood, with scratches and marks left bywear in their Los Angeles Tile and flooring showroom. Damage caused by time and the contrast between the original gloss of the varnished finish and the matt effect of the marks left by constant use tug at the heart-strings. […]

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Flooring Store Los Angeles

At Cosmos Flooring one of the best flooring stores in Los Angeles you can find inspiration from an exciting mix of today’s most innovative porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stones and glass tiles for bathrooms, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, slabs for counters, indoor and outdoor tiles and pavers. Cosmos flooring at 5706 West Pico Blvd […]

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Trends to Watch in Los Angeles: Hexagon Tiles

Traditionally used in bathroom & kitchen floors, the hexagon shaped tile is no stranger to the design world and its use and applications date back to early ancient history. Now we can expect to see hexagons used in many new ways and incorporated in more modern designs specially in Los Angeles.The geometrically appealing design covers floors or walls […]

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“Bullnose” explined by Los Angeles Tile Expert

If you are building a new house or re-modeling your old kitchen or bathroom you must  have come across a term called ” Bullnose”. But what does it mean? Bullnose is a term used in building construction for rounded convex trim, particularly in masonry and ceramic tile. Bullnose trim is used to provide a smooth, rounded […]

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Preparation tips for your flooring or remodeling project.

Planing and creatively imagining a new room or a remodeling project can be quite fun. While choosing finishes and materials can be overwhelming at times, browsing through samples can be one of the most enjoyable things about the design process. Walking into Cosmos Flooring is like walking into a candy store for a kid. There are so […]

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Replacing your Old Tile Floors with New Tile Flooring in Los Angeles

 If you have tile flooring in your bathroom or kitchen you may notice it has lost some of the luster it once had. There is a good chance it has been there longer than you and your family have been in your house in Los Angeles. Although ceramic tile flooring is resilient sometimes it needs to be replaced. It […]

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