VIVA Made Tiles in Los Angeles

Cosmos Flooring proudly presents VIVA Made collection of salvaged varnished wood, with scratches and marks left bywear in their Los Angeles Tile and flooring showroom.

Damage caused by time and the contrast between the original gloss of the varnished finish and the matt effect of the marks left by constant use tug at the heart-strings.

Offered in 4 natural colours, Bianco, Grigio, Cenere and Nero, L’H is a collection destined to bestow originality and warmth on refined, sophisticated design schemes.

If you interested in more information VIVA made Tiles for your upcoming flooring or wall project in Los Angeles contact Cosmos Flooring at (323) 936-2180 tell them a bit about your project. COSMOS Flooring will create a free Project Estimate for you. There is no purchase required, no deposit, and no obligations of any kind. They use our experience and expertise to provide competitive custom estimates suitable for your needs, desires and budget. At Cosmos Flooring they hold customer satisfaction as their number one goal.