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Cement Tile Shop in Los Angeles

Cement tiles are handmade by artisans all around the world, from Morocco to Nicaragua. They are decorative, colorful tiles used primarily as floor coverings. Floors or walls covered with these tiles are noted for their multi-color patterns, durability and sophisticated look. These tiles are widely used in Latin America and Europe. Their popularity spread to […]

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Herringbone Tiles – Ideas for your Los Angeles Home

The herringbone pattern and tile design is an arrangement of rectangles used for floor tilings and road pavement, so named for a fancied resemblance to the skeleton of a fish such as a herring. The blocks can be rectangles or parallelograms. The block edge length ratios are usually 2:1, and sometimes 3:1, but need not be […]

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Hexagon Tiles @ Best Los Angeles Tile Shop

Ahh yes, our favorite 6 sided tiles.  We love Hexagon Tiles and carry a number of classic ones at our Showroom. Choosing tile for an older home in Los Angeles requires some thinking about the look you are trying to achieve. Do you want modern? Or maybe you prefer a look that preserves your home’s […]

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