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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing your Los Angeles Home’s Kitchen Counter-Top

Butcher Block Countertop Wood: Hard Maple & Wenge Checkerboard Pattern Ceramic Tile. Counters topped with ceramic tile will accept hot pots and pans without scorching and will be resistant to moisture from splashes around sinks. The variety of ceramic tile sizes, shapes, and colors makes it perfect for adding style to any kitchen. But please remember that […]

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How to Install Tiles in your Shower

Ceramic tiles are a wonderful choice of material to use for your shower and bathroom. Give your shower a makeover with brand new ceramic tiles by following these steps: After removing old tiles and the drywall, screw in your new water resistant panel’s back board into the wall studs. Now you are ready to screw on a batten, […]

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Cosmos Flooring was recently featured on Bravo’s popular Reality Show “Flipping Out”

Cosmos Flooring was recently featured on Bravo’s popular Design Reality Show “Flipping Out” centered on designer Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California. Cosmos Flooring on “Flipping Out” Season 6 – Episode Cleaning House from Cosmos Flooring on Vimeo.

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